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Best Cowboy Boots

11 months ago

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Cowboy boots have been around for centuries and they are still a popular shoe choice. There are so many styles to choose from. In the past, cowboy boots were made more for function than comfort. These boots were very hard and heavy. After wearing them for a long period of time, your feet would become painful and tired. Today, cowboy boots are comfortable, versatile and modern.

Cowboy boots are for men, women and children. You do not have to be a cowboy rider or live on a ranch or farm to wear this type of footwear. Cowboy boots are good for all types of fashion and many individuals simply choose to wear them as fashion footwear. You can wear them with a pair of jeans or with a mini-skirt or dress. Modern cowboy boots may come with a stiletto heel, precious stones or with a distressed look. You can buy ready-to-wear boots or you can have them custom made. The styles, colors and accents to cowboy boots are virtually unlimited.

You do not have to splurge on the most expensive boots on the market, but you should pay for the best quality that you can afford. Therefore, you want to set a budget for your cowboy boots and then work to find the best type within that price range. The good news is, you have many options on where you can purchase your boots, whether online or locally. Stores are competitive by nature, so comparison-shopping is one of the major advantages available to the consumer.

One of the first things you should do, is learn about different types of leather. Different leather skins can include calf, elephant, ostrich, alligator, lizard, and stingray. Learning about the different skins, forms and types of leather will help you pick the best type for you. Always go with real, genuine leather, which is soft, and of good quality. Not only is this necessary for comfort, but also for longevity. If you work on a ranch or farm, you want to make sure you purchase from a reputable boot manufacturer. To ensure you get a pair that is tough, waterproof and durable. If you plan to wear your boots for a night of dancing, you probably want to avoid styles that come with a high heel. Besides the importance of leather, consider the shank. If you need a boot that offers good support, then go with a steel shank. If flexibility is important for your wear, then look for boots that do not come with a shank.

It is always good to try on the cowboy boots before you purchase them. However, if you buy online, pay close attention to the measurements listed on size charts. And before you make your online purchase, review the store’s return policy, just in case if the boots need to be returned due to ill fit.