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10 months ago

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Although you might not think that it is particularly politically correct for young kids to be playing “cowboys and Indians” anymore these days, kids are kids, and they still do it. Little boys will always want to dress up like cowboys – nothing will change that. Moreover, if you are about to buy your first pair of boys cowboy boots, then your little tyke is in for a mighty big treat.

In general, there are three types of boys cowboy boots to choose from. The first type is what would be considered to be every day, kick-around boots. These boots are the ones that your kid will wear from the minute he wakes up in the morning, and he may still want them on his feet when he goes to bed. Little boys love wearing these because it makes them feel like big cowboys! I remember when I wore my first pair of black cowboy boots even in preschool I felt invincible.

Then, there are the types of western boots that are much more for novelty or costume purposes. These cowboy boots often come in striking colors with stitching and piping and are meant more for dress-up than anything else. When your boy is wearing his cowboy outfit to the local dress-up party, then these are the western boots for him. They are surprisingly comfortable and usually very affordable. They might not last more than a few outings if you buy the vinyl or plastic costume cowboy boots. However, that will serve their purpose.

They become super comfortable as your boy wears them but may not be comfortable at first. Once the leather wears in, kids never take them off. Boots like this are built to last because of the quality durable leather used in their construction. If you live in an area where your boys cowboy boots will be more than just a novelty, and in fact are more a lifestyle choice, then these are the boots that you will want to be looking at.

The only real problem with buying boys cowboy boots is that kids grow so quickly. So, any way you look at it, there will be a time when those boots just don’t fit your child. You can buy them extra big and let them grow into them over time. You could also buy them to fit and let them struggle with them until they cannot stand it anymore. The leather does stretch out as the boots are worn. The choice is up to you. Most parents, though, choose to let their boys try on boots while wearing two pairs of socks. As the boys grow older, they move down to wearing only one pair of socks, and then it is time to get a new pair of boots. This method seems to work pretty well.

Generally speaking, cowboy boots that are made in this country are made with a lot more care and craftsmanship than foreign-made boots and you can still get some incredibly good deals on handmade western boots. However, in regards to kid’s western boots, it probably does not matter so much since the kids will grow out of the boots and chances are you will not be resoling the boots anyway.

All Popular Children’s Boots

If you are a style-savvy parent and want your boy to have the best-looking western boots in town, then there are boot makers that specialize in all types of boots for young boys and girls. You should be able to find a pair that your little boy loves to wear every day.