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Old West Clothing

10 months ago

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A cowboy is something I’ve never wanted to be. I know many kids have that dream of being a cowboy and riding on their trustworthy steed across the open range, but that never appealed to me. I am a big city person, and I’ve lived in the city all my life. I had other typical dreams kids have, like dreams of being an astronaut and a policeman, but never a cowboy.   So when my girlfriend suggested we find some western clothing and dress up like a cowboy and cowgirl for Halloween, I have to say I didn’t really find that idea that appealing. There were so many other ideas that were great for couples that wanted to have matching costumes, but being a cowboy just didn’t sit well with me. But, as ladies have a knack for doing, she talked me into it, and we went in search of some old west clothing and accessories for our Halloween costumes.

We were on a budget, so I couldn’t hit up a real western wear specialty store for the costumes and get authentic gear. Instead, we raided second hand stores in search of our old west clothing. I instantly found some old western boots for men that fit just right. There was also a couple western shirts with embroidered designs to choose from. And my girlfriend also found some used Tony Lama boots, western straw hats and some western rhinestone belts that she just fell in love with. She was really getting into this costume, and I could tell it appealed to her. So I tried to keep an open mind about it.

We had to hit up several different stores to pull together a whole bunch of old west clothing for our costumes. The pieces just fell together as we visited various stores, and soon enough we had some great costumes put together. My clothing consisted of a fine pair of Wrangler jeans, belt with conchos, embroidered floral designed Roper shirt, some old gun leather looking Justin boots and a fine western straw hat with a hole in it. There were other shirts and hats to choose from but like the ones I picked because they fit better. I think the shirt was a ladies shirt but I didn’t care because it made my girlfriend happy.

Of course, my girlfriend couldn’t wait to try her clothes out, so she actually talked me into going to a local honky-tonk so she could test her costume in real-life situation. The thought of this was my worst kind of nightmare. But after a few minutes of being in the bar, I forgot that I didn’t much care for that whole cowboy life thing, and I started to have a great time.

Well, Halloween came and went. Our costumes with our old west clothing were a big hit, and we even won the award for best couples costume. My girlfriend couldn’t have been more proud. But after Halloween was over, we didn’t retire those costumes to the back of the closet. We ended up loving those costumes, me included, that we went back to that honky-tonk shortly after Halloween, dressed to the nines our western wear. Halloween has long since past, and we’ve gotten to be regulars at that western bar. Of course we can’t wear the same outfits every time we go, so I did splurge on a few new items at the specialty western wear store here in town. Now my girlfriend and I have a newfound passion that we both enjoy, and I don’t mind one bit wearing my western style clothing anymore.